StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story

Why would a 30-year advertising verteran claim that most advertising is a waste of money?

Tra Williams

Great Expectations: The 4 Foundational C’s of the Customer Experience

By Tra Williams  Remember the old saying that if you never expect anything then you’ll never be disappointed? Well, that might work on blind dates and birthday presents, but in business, expectations are impossible to avoid. For every action that a customer takes, there was an expectation that preceded it. Obviously, customers take action because […]

Story Selling

The Avengers was 2012’s number one worldwide box office winner – but did you know the seeds of this blockbuster movie’s success were actually planted fifty years earlier?

Turn Eye Appeal Into Buy Appeal

This award-winning book is loaded with samples and eye-popping tips to show entrepreneurs and non-designers how to create eye-catching graphics and compelling content for business cards, postcards, flyers, websites, and book covers.

Jeremy Eskenazi

Five Ways to Leverage Your Talent Brand to Attract Great Candidates

How your company can leverage what employees and candidates say about you to attract top talent By Jeremy Eskenazi Have you ever struggled to hire the right people? Do most of the people you interview seem like a questionable fit at your company? It might be a symptom of not using your employer brand to […]

Anne Connor

What Your Signage Says About You

By Anne Connor Ben could hardly wait to set up his own business after years of working for a large company. Knowing the demographics of his market area, Ben wanted to market to the large Latino population there. So, he looked up the key words in Spanish and created a beautifully designed website and colorful, […]

Andy Slipher

What has Changed About Marketing in the Last 100 Years?

By Andy Slipher In 1975, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a largely overlooked ruling that allowed earth-orbiting antennas—satellites—to be used for broadcasting television over large areas. Around that same time, a little-known regional broadcasting network called Home Box Office (HBO) took notice, and decided to use the FCC’s landmark decision to begin distributing its […]

Anne Connor

5 Tips for Taking your Business Global

By Anne Connor The Coca-Cola Company is the leading beverage maker in China’s $69 billion soft drink market, but the story might have been quite different if it weren’t for some smart and localized brand management at the very beginning of its foray into the country. Protecting the company’s valuable trademark was a high priority […]

Andrew A. Gonzalez

Trademarks for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

By Andrew A. Gonzalez, Esq. Good naming and good marketing weren’t invented yesterday. Consider the story of John K. Hogg of Frederick, Maryland, a manufacturer of soap. Mr. Hogg had a concept for a special soap, so he applied for a trademark. STAR SOAP, he called it, and a star symbol was to be “printed, […]

Ben Laube

The Importance of Brand Cohesiveness Across Social Media

By Ben Laube Developing and representing your brand effectively on social media is one of the most important tasks to consider when jumping into social media marketing. By doing so, you bring brand awareness and cohesiveness to your audience to build familiarity and trust. Representing your brand on social media is fairly simple as long […]