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Concrete Core Values: The Driving Force to Business Success

By Wayne Schoeneberg

Wayne SchoenebergCore values are the driving force behind your professional life, so you had better take a moment and figure out what they are.

Speakers love to talk about them. Writers love to write about them, but few get down to explaining what they are and how core values influence the actions you take daily. Whether you run the C-suite or mop the floors, it’s imperative that you identify your core values and realize how important they are to your success.

Core Values are the Company’s Compass: Core values for companies are primarily a guide for the internal organization. It is very much like a mission statement. It announces for the managers, employees and your customers what the company’s philosophy is supposed to be. Core values can be helpful in setting the direction of a business. They can be a reminder—readily available to employees—of the management’s corporate compass; the ideals, principles and values that create the company’s foundation.

Make Your Core Values Known: You will often find the core values or mission statement on the wall. They are certainly somewhere in contracts, or other customer-focused business collateral. The numbers, of course, are immensely valuable, but simple facts on a page can quickly become tedious, repetitive, and ultimately disinteresting. Displaying your company’s core values clearly provides your customers with the reassurance that they are choosing to do business with a company of principle and integrity. Core values are the driving force behind your professional life. Click To Tweet

Your Company’s Values are More Than Words: But your values need to be more than part of the company slogan to be effective. Core values need to be just that. They need to be the company culture. If they are, they don’t need to be repeated; they will be experienced and lived by each employee each day; from the C-Suite to the street sweep.

Simply announcing a core value is not enough—it must be woven into the company culture. To do that it must be genuine. To be a core value it must be simple enough that any employee can look at it and determine whether his or her actions are in accordance with the value. That is a tall order.

Core Values Lead the Way during Adversity: It is easy for companies to say they are propelled by a distinct set of core values. In time of adversity your core values should be the guide that is consulted. Sadly, often in those hard times the core values give way to expediency. That is when the core value, or mission statement, is ignored in order to achieve a desired result. Avoid the temptation to subvert your driving principles for an easy solution. Let your company’s core values guide you when times get tough.

Your Personal Core Values Impact the Company: What are you core values as an individual? These are more important to you than the core values of your company. These are your guiding principles. These are the values that determine the course of action you will take as you go through your professional life.

What is important to you? The reason you need to know them is that even if you can’t identify them, they are the driving force behind everything you do. Rather than let these values unconsciously dictate your direction, you need to identify them, and allow them to take an active part in every decision that you make.

Values are a Decision-Making Beacon: Every choice you make at work, from seemingly innocuous daily decisions to the choices that play a major part in the direction of the company, is an opportunity to display your internal values. If honesty and integrity are your core values your decisions are made with those principles in play whether you know it or not.

That is why it is important to investigate your core values. When you discover what they are you begun to understand why you behave the way you do. You will not find happiness and success if you are operating in opposition to your core values.

Peer into the future. Think of where you would like to be and how you plan on to get there. Core values can include a variety of things. Maybe adventure is a core value of yours. If so, pursue it. Try new things. Take some risks.

Once you discover your core values life becomes simpler. Your decisions about your career and become more evident and easier to make. Your business relationships take on new meaning. Most of all those relationships become more meaningful to you.

Make a list of those things that are important to you. As you do you will see your core values reveal themselves. As you do this exercise you will see which values are priorities. Once you make the list it almost organizes itself.

The secret to success is to be true to your core values—at a company and personal level. Build your life around those values and you will alleviate stress, increase bottom lines, and build lasting relationships. This is your life. Get the most out of it by honoring those values that go to the heart of who you are. That is the way to better serve yourself and those around you.

Wayne Schoeneberg is a Certified Professional Coach, a dynamic speaker and bestselling author of No Clients? No Job? No Problem! With his distinct perspective on the influence of fear, Wayne’s inspiring message instills in his audience the courage to be confident, and provides them with the tools to become the architects of their own success. For more information on hiring Wayne Schoeneberg, or to purchase his book, please visit

The Six Pillars of Professional Power

P.A.M.P.E.R. Your Way to Success

By Wayne Schoeneberg

Wayne SchoenebergRubbing shoulders with successful people has demonstrated that they all share certain characteristics. There are six traits that all successful people have in common, and they serve as drivers to success. Some of those people came by the traits naturally. Others learned the traits one at a time from various sources. Now they are all right here.

You can P.A.M.P.E.R. your way to success if you incorporate these six pillars of personal power into your daily routine.

Purpose: It may take a while for you to come to grips with this but you probably do not have some grand purpose in life. Get away from the idea of a grand purpose and start concentrating on those things that really matter. Call this your daily purpose. What does your heart desire? Who do you really want to be?

Once you start to explore those questions the vision of your daily purpose will come clear. What is most important to you?

Take a look at where you are in your career. What is it that people applaud about your efforts? What part of your job really makes you stand out? Keep an open mind and you will find that your purpose may soon reveal itself to you.

Look at yourself and your life. That is where you will find all the purpose you need to achieve fulfillment. Do your best each day to be the best you that you can be. There is hardly a better purpose than that.

Attitude: With the right attitude you can turn all your goals into accomplishments. It all comes down to faith. You have to believe. You have to believe that you are destined to live out your dreams. If you have that faith in yourself, you are on the right road.

Wake up each morning with an attitude that tells you there are treasures for you to discover. Rather than dwell on the problems you see, turn your attention to the good things that await you. Do this and you have what is called an “opportunity outlook.” Rather than think about things you have to do, think about things you get to do.

Do you have a job? You don’t have to go to that job. You get to go to that job. There is someone out there who would take that job if you don’t want it. Once you change your thought pattern from “have to” to “get to” you are going to find more opportunities in every aspect of your life.

Modeling: Successful people model themselves after other successful people. You should do the same. It is quite simple. Kids do it all the time. There isn’t a young basketball player who does not want to be like LeBron James. They watch what he does and try to repeat it.

Find someone who has what you want. Study that person. Watch how they behave, what they read, how they dress. You do not have to invent a new way of doing something. All you have to do is learn what they do and then try to improve on it. Do it better, do it smarter. Their success can be your success.

The next step to success is to share the knowledge. Find someone to mentor. Help another person achieve his or her goals and you will be rewarded repeatedly. Do it with enthusiasm and that person will tell the world how smart and helpful you are. That’s the best advertising you can get. Soon people will be coming to you for advice and counsel.

Passion: Everybody has a passion. Your passion makes up a big part of who you are. Your passion is that thing that you would do for free. When you are pursuing your passion, time means nothing. You are in a joyful state.

Take an inventory of your dreams. Identify your passion. Then honor it. Your passion may never allow you to earn an income. That does not mean you should put it out of your life. Your career does not have to be your passion.

Just make sure you make time for your passion. Go deep into it. You can be assured that by pursuing your passion all other aspects of your life will be enhanced. Success follows happiness.

Ethics: Real success requires that you be ethical in all you do. Ethics is a measure of what you think about yourself and others. Honesty in your relationships with your co-workers, employer, or employees is an absolute requirement for success. Your reputation as an ethical person will either help you or destroy you. Nobody wants to do business with someone who cannot be trusted. As tempting as it may be to “look the other way,” or do something “just this one time” you have to “just say ‘No’.”

You will never have peace in your life if you let your ethical standards slip. A lie or act of dishonesty will follow you for the rest of your life and you will regret it. Treat your reputation for ethics as if it is the keystone to your success. It is.

Respect: Respect begins when you look in the mirror. If you do not respect what you see, start there to make changes. Start with your appearance and build out from there. It sounds so simple but everyone knows that there are people who ignore this very important facet of success.

Look your best every day. If you work from home, put on clothes that reflect the type of person you want to be (remember modeling, above). Respect is more than what you show to others. It begins with respecting yourself first.

Respect can only be earned. While you want to show common courtesy to everyone you will notice that you will only respect him or her after they have earned that privilege. The same goes for you. Learn to respect yourself, show respect to others and you will earn the respect you deserve.

Now you have the tested formula for success. Make these attributes part of who you are. Use them, each of them, daily. P.A.M.P.E.R. yourself. You deserve success.

Wayne Schoeneberg is a Certified Professional Coach, a dynamic speaker and bestselling author of No Clients? No Job? No Problem! With his distinct perspective on the influence of fear, Wayne’s inspiring message instills in his audience the courage to be confident, and provides them with the tools to become the architects of their own success. For more information on hiring Wayne Schoeneberg, or to purchase his book, please visit