Persuade With a Story!

Persuade With a Story!

How to Attract Clients and Customers With Heroic Storytelling

Humans are hardwired for stories!

Storytelling helps consultants and coaches persuade on an emotional level. Maybe that is why companies like FedEx, Kimberly-Clark, and Microsoft are hiring storytelling experts to teach their executives to tell relatable stories.

Nothing is as persuasive as storytelling with a purpose, and readers will learn the techniques of telling a great story employed by Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and Wall Street.

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About the Book
  • How you can add persuasion power to presentations
  • Eight great metastories you need to tell
  • The art and science of storytelling
  • Three key characters of persuasive stories: hero, nemesis, and mentor
  • Why you should not be the hero of your own stories

If you want lessons on how to attract clients and customers and improve your persuasion power, with a dash of wry humor thrown in, then Persuade With a Story! is the book for you

Genre: Marketing & Sales
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Indie Books International
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 132 pages

List Price: $10.00
eBook Price: $7.99
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About the Author
Henry Devries

Henry DeVries, CEO of Indie Books International, works with consultants to attract high-paying clients by marketing with a book and speech. As a professional speaker, he teaches sales and business development professionals how to build an inventory of persuasive stories. He is the author of “Marketing with a Book” and “Persuade with a Story!” For more information, visit

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