Don’t Just Stand There, Sell Something

Don’t Just Stand There, Sell Something

How to Succeed in Sales and Sales Management

Don't Just Stand There, Sell Something is a thought-provoking and fun guide to sales and sales management.

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About the Book

Don’t Just Stand There, Sell Something aims to help enhance the relationship between the sales manager and salesperson using humor that comes from a lifetime in the trenches. The book teems with practical advice and insight for anyone in sales, from the novice to the senior sales executive.

Stu introduces SMART, five focus areas for every sales manager: Selling Skills, Motivational Management, Attitude, Relationships, and Thinking. Stu relates opinions, facts, stories, and sound advice as he explains what works and what doesn’t work; when to act, and when to stay out of the way; and how to build a team where everyone succeeds.

The book, Don’t Just Stand There, Sell Something is filled with to-the-point practical advice and insights aimed at everyone involved in business-to-business technology or solution sales at any level and in any industry.

Genre: Self-Help
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 1501069497
List Price: $17.94
eBook Price: $7.70
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About the Author
Stu Shchlackman

Stu Schlackman is a sales expert, accomplished speaker and the author of Four People You Should Know and Don’t Just Stand There, Sell Something. With over twenty-five years of success in the sales landscape, Stu provides his clients and audiences with the wisdom, techniques, and practical advice to compete and win in business and in life. For more information about Stu, please visit

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