Everyone’s In Sales—Stop Apologizing! How to Get What You NEED, WANT, and DESERVE!

Everyone’s In Sales—Stop Apologizing! How to Get What You NEED, WANT, and DESERVE!

Everyone's In Sales-Stop Apologizing!

We all need to sell to get what we need, want and deserve. Too many things stop us from selling-especially our inner “Sales Apologists” that tell us we should feel bad when we sell!

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About the Book

In this book, Everyone’s In Sales—Stop Apologizing! Todd Cohen discusses how to defeat our Sales Apologists and delivers a lively and utterly practical guide that helps everyone sell themselves better. Todd talks about . . .

  • The three qualities people need to sell well: passion, integrity, and confidence.
  • How powerful personal value propositions help us get what we want.
  • The selling skills we all have and don’t realize.
  • How to turn a firm “no” into an enthusiastic “yes.”
  • Simple ways to get our friends to sell for us.
  • The hidden sales opportunities in every conversation. And much much more!

The world has changed and we all need to sell ourselves to thrive and succeed. Everyone’s in Sales-Stop Apologizing! helps us do just that.

Genre: Business & Money
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Sales Culture Press LLC
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 144 pages
ASIN: 0982872275
ISBN: 9780982872277

List Price: $14.95
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About the Author
Todd Cohen

Todd Cohen, CSP is accomplished and sought after speaker, sales culture expert and author of Everyone’s in Sales and Everyone’s in Sales; STOP Apologizing. Todd’s dynamic and motivational presentations are based on the foundation that regardless of career path or position, everyone is a salesperson. Since 1984, Todd has led sales teams to deliver more than $850 million in revenue for leading companies including Xerox and Thomson-Reuters. For more information or to book Todd Cohen for your next meeting please visit www.toddcohen.com.

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