SOAR Study Skills; A Simple and Efficient System for Getting Better Grades in Less Time

SOAR Study Skills; A Simple and Efficient System for Getting Better Grades in Less Time

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The SOAR Study Skills book is in over 4,000+ schools and in 40 different countries worldwide.

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About the Book
Why SOAR Study Skills? Apply the brain-friendly strategies, and…
  • Build Confidence!
  • Raise Test Scores in every subject area.
  • Raise Writing Scores in a single semester.
  • Raise GPA.
  • Master Executive Function techniques for improved intelligence.
  • Gain High-Speed Learning techniques that cut back study-time, as much as 50%.
  • Achieve better grades… in less time.
How can SOAR Study Skills guarantee all of this?

It’s simple, SOAR teaches you what your school does NOT… how to learn. It is the most essential, fundamental, and basic element to any education, but schools still don’t address it. National and state curriculum demands heavier amounts of content. But, teachers have no time or training for teaching the vital learning strategies and “life-skills” students need!

Genre: Children's Books
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Grand Lighthouse Publishers
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 160 pages
ASIN: 0977428001
ISBN: 9780977428007

List Price: $24.99
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About the Author
Susan Kruger

Susan Kruger of SOAR(r) Study Skills is a Certified Teacher with a Master’s Degree and the author of the book SOAR Study Skills.  Her Homework Rx(r) Toolkit at includes “25 Ways to Make Homework Easier…Tonight!”, Homework Scorecard, Homework Inventory for Parents and a free subscription to the Homework Rx eNewsletter to help you and your child get started on the path to homework success.

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