The Sales Professionals Playbook: Beyond a Sales Person is a Sales Professional

The Sales Professionals Playbook: Beyond a Sales Person is a Sales Professional

Being a professional salesperson is a noble profession. Professional salespeople help individuals and organizations make some of their most important decisions. Success in sales takes talent, skills, discipline, practice, and most importantly, honesty with a genuine concern for the client.

Experienced sales professional and entrepreneur Nathan Jamail has developed a playbook of techniques and best practices that have allowed thousands of sales professionals to find success.

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About the Book

The Sales Professional’s Playbook is designed to be straightforward, easy to read, and simple to understand.

The ability to execute the skills and programs outlined takes a sales professional who is willing to prepare and practice, which allows persuasion to be a thing of the past. Mastering these professional selling skills will improve confidence, skills and abilities, and professionalism, and increase sales and profits.

Don’t wait for something to happen or someone to do something. Take control of your success and make the call!

Series: The Playbook Series
Genre: Business & Money
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Scooter Publishing Inc
Publication Year: 2011
Length: 168 pages
ASIN: 0981778941
ISBN: 9780981778945

List Price: $15.03
eBook Price: $7.99
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About the Author
Nathan Jamail

Nathan Jamail, president of the Jamail Development Group, and author of the best-selling Playbook Series, is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and corporate coach. As a former Executive Director, life insurance sales professional and business owner of several small businesses, Nathan travels the country helping individuals and organizations achieve maximum success. Nathan has worked with thousands of leaders in creating a coaching culture. Get your copy of Nathan Jamail’s most recent book released by Penguin Publishers, “The Leadership Playbook” at

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