The Science of Change: Basics Behind Why Change Succeeds and Fails

The Science of Change: Basics Behind Why Change Succeeds and Fails

Learn why a proven change methodology fails and how to select change methods that have the greatest potential for success relative to your specific set of conditions.

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About the Book

Tom Somodi describes how to take control of the change you experience in your business and daily life. Reduce the frustration and anxiety associated with change and improve your ability to obtain the change you desire. The Science of Change provides the concepts necessary to accomplish these objectives and more.

You will discover

* how to understand why a particular change took place.

* the risks associated with obtaining a specific desired change.

* what your organization, or you as an individual, can do to improve the chances of obtaining a successful desired change.

* why a change fails even though you have a solid set of intentions, commitment, and a proven change methodology.

* fallacies behind proven change methodologies and change management techniques.

* the likelihood that a particular promoted change methodology and/or change management technique will work for you or your organization.

Genre: Self-Help
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Change Science Institute
Publication Year: 2013
Length: 464 pages
ASIN: 0989758907
ISBN: 9780989758901

List Price: $23.82
eBook Price: $9.99
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About the Author
Tom Somodi

Tom Somodi is a speaker and expert on change, applying his extensive domestic and international business experience, including reorganizations, acquisitions, strategic change initiatives, and taking a company public during the difficult 2011 financial markets. Tom has held CEO, COO, CFO and board level positions. Tom’s book, The Science of Change: Basics Behind Why Change Succeeds and Fails is now available. For more information, please visit or email

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