Janet Alston Jackson

What Do They Think of Me at Work?

By Janet Alston JacksonJanet Alston Jackson

We all have had those moments.

If you are staff, you wonder what your supervisor and co-workers think of you.

If you are an employer, you wonder what your staff thinks of you.

These are natural thoughts. However, unchecked, they can create havoc in your mind. You may make decisions based on what you think others will want, not what is good for your business.

Your better judgment is clouded, and you don’t follow or trust your instincts. Instead, decide and/or say things based on what you think others will think of you.

Even if you receive accolades from most of the people you work with, that one comment from someone who disagrees, haunts you.

So how do you rise above what others think of you to be successful without turning cold, and hard resulting in others being afraid to approach you?

You don’t want to miss out on their good ideas and collaborations that can help you and your company succeed.

First know when you are overly concerned about what others think of you, this is your ego-mind spinning you around.

When you can distinguish your thoughts from your ego, and truth, you feel free and more peaceful, more productive in your work.

How? First sit and just listen to your thoughts, without judgment, or criticism. Be the observer. It’s also very powerful just to write those thoughts down. You will be surprised at what goes through your head.

Don’t try to push them away or change them. Your awareness is your power. You can’t change anything until you know what they are.

Sitting in silence can be very scary for people. Many try to ignore those thoughts, drown them out, or run from them by over indulging in everything from food, shopping, drugs, alcohol and sex. Others distract themselves through television, games and socializing. They’ll try anything to keep from listening to the voices in their heads.

The more you run from these thoughts, the scarier they seem and the more energy they gather. The bigger they get. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

If you can discipline yourself to sit in silence for a few minutes, you will be on your way to mastering your mind, instead of letting it run away with you like a horse, dragging you along as the fallen rider.

Remember this: You are not your thoughts. You are the awareness behind your thoughts, which means you are more powerful than you can imagine.

When you sit in silence, use these methods, or ones of your own, to help you observe your thoughts to regain your power:

  1. Imagine you are a great mountain, and your thoughts are like a weather system passing by. You may have a light rain of thoughts, or a thunder storm of thoughts passing by. Allow them to come. You will see when you don’t stop them from coming, they pass by and disappear. There is a peace that follows. Try to relax into that peace.
  2. Another way is to imagine you are walking in a crowd of people, and the thoughts are the passersby. Observe them without attaching to the thoughts. Let them pass.
  3. You can also imagine each thought in a balloon. You let the thought-filled balloons go and float away.

When you are able to observe thoughts, especially the ones where you imagine others have control over you; you will tap into your true self. This is where you can find peace, confidence and wisdom, which is always inside of you, but is clouded over by your fears and anxieties.

There are lots of things that happen in the workplace everyday that disturb some people, and others are not bothered. It’s just what you hold onto and attach to, that makes the difference.

The power is the silence between your thoughts.

In the business world, we are taught to stay busy. So for some the thought of being still and tapping into silence can be scary.

Know this; out of deep silence, your inspiration, peace, and incredible ideas can come forth like the ideas that have created Fortune 500 companies. Those ideas throughout centuries and around the world have inspired creators and inventions from Apple to Disneyland to the creation of the chair you are sitting.

Look around the room you are reading this article in. Everything you see started with a creator having an idea.

They too had to rise above what others think of them and their ideas to allow their greatness to come forth and revolutionize the world.

Tap into your silence of greatness.

Janet Alston Jackson is a relationship expert, award-winning author, and co-owner of Sporting the Right Attitude. She facilitates Leadership programs with her husband, author Walter Jackson. Janet is a former publicity executive and manager for ABC/Disney and CBS Television Networks, who has promoted hundreds of episodic television shows, and celebrities. For more information, please visit or email