Nathan Jamail

Three Ways to Approach Life: Only One of Them is The Winning Way

By Nathan JamailNathan Jamail

Business executives have coaches and mentors who help them get better. Sometimes they don’t like what they are told, but after conversations settle in, they might actually hear what it is that the coach is saying. At the heart of every conversation is usually this: how can one be more successful and happy? The answer lies within each person, and that is not just whimsical talk. It is about their perspective and their priorities.

Recently on Shark Tank, one of the Sharks said something very powerful: “You can do something because you can do it. Or you can do something because you have to do it. OR you can do something because you get to do it.” Here is a question for you: If you were asked which of these three “descriptions” describes how you feel about your job, which one would you select? Do you do a job because you can? Because you have the skill and are pretty good at it, so why not? Or, do you do a job because you have no ‘choice’? Because you fell into it and now make a certain living that you “can’t” go without? Or, do you do something because it is exciting to you? Because, even though you don’t love everything about it, you are grateful and motivated by the overall aspect of what you get to do? Can you see which description will yield more results in your professional and personal life? What does it really look like when you are doing something because you get to do it?

It looks like work. It looks like play. It is called plork (pronounced “plerk” – yes this is made up). There are executives, business owners and employees that have to get up at 3:30am, after a long night of being a parent, and yet, are pumped when the alarm goes off. No hitting snooze. No grumbling. Are they tired? Yes. But they still love getting to work. Do they love every aspect of their job? Not really. There are difficult situations to be tackled, stressful decisions to be made, and times they wish they were at home instead of the office. However, through all of this, there is always, always, an immense feeling of gratitude that they get to do what they love. That no matter, through whatever obstacle is faced or mistake made, they are excited about the opportunities for them now and in the future.

Whether you sell office pens, whether you do book keeping, whether you make hospital beds, or whether you own several large corporations – are you grateful for what you get to do?

It’s contagious. When you meet someone, and are asked “How are you?” what is your response? Your response tells a lot about what kind of attitude you have in general about life. There are the, “Can’t complain” responses; this person could probably be described as someone who can do what they do and has no desire to change things. Another kind of response is, “I have had worst day,” or “Could be better.” This person could probably be described as someone who has to do what they do and likes to complain about it. Another response is, “I am living the dream!” This is the person who either already gets to do what they love, or has the potential to. They didn’t even say if it was a good dream! Even bigger than the words used is the energy that is given.

When you meet someone, what energy are you spreading? Is it positive?

It looks like success. Success can be described many ways. Some may say it is when you make X amount of dollars. Or, it may be when you own a certain house, a certain car…you get the idea. There is nothing wrong with this idea of success necessarily, but when it comes to being happy, it isn’t always the material things that will get you there. Before you can say you are successful, you have to know what that means to you.

Knowing what your priorities are, and then moving toward them every day is what success can also look like. Success is never really attained and then done. It is something you always strive for and experience every day, in both small and big ways.

What does success look like to you? The next time someone asks about what you do, pause and think about your response. Think about your gratitude level. Think about what kind of attitude you are going to spread. Think about your priorities for today, and for your future.

Nathan Jamail, president of Jamail Development Group, and author of the bestselling Playbook Series, is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and corporate coach. Nathan has worked with thousands of leaders and sales professionals to create winning cultures. Find out more at