Dan Stockdale

Four Golden Rings to Re-Branding

By Dan Stockdale Everyone one is rebranding their business… new logos… new slogans… new business cards… the list goes on. But why are you ‘rebranding’ in the first place? The tens of thousands of dollars being spent are meaningless unless you have:  1. a firm grasp of what it really means to ‘brand’ and,2. if […]

Angela DeFinis

How to Use Humor to Conquer Zoom Fatigue

By Angela DeFinis Working remotely is no longer something reserved for freelancers or those on special assignments. Many major companies have said they plan to accommodate remote work indefinitely. In fact, following the pandemic, more than half of Americans say they want to continue working remotely, while two-thirds of companies say they may make their […]

Kate Zabriskie

Actually, It Is You; Why Customers Dump You and How to Avoid Risk-Taking Mistakes

By Kate Zabriskie Do any of these sound familiar: The lawn service had to go. I used them for over 15 years, and by the last season, my lawn looked terrible. The spring seeding didn’t take, nutsedge and wiregrass consumed half the yard, and they just kept spraying chemicals. I wish somebody had just told […]

Jason V. Barger

There Is No Vaccine For Your Company Culture

4 “musts” for leading through times of change By Jason V. Barger There is no magic pill, button, or wand that you wave that will quickly fix or treat the ails of your culture. We live in an instant gratification world where people/employees/leaders want things to change for the better immediately. They want the negativity, […]

Jill Johnson

Matching Your Sales Approach to Your Prospect’s Readiness to Buy

By Jill J. Johnson, MBA  Your sales and promotional messages must link to where your customers are in their decision-making process. There are five stages of buying behavior that a consumer will go through: awareness, interest, evaluation, trial and finally the adoption stage. Each stage requires a different decision by your prospect. By matching your […]

Liz Uram

3 Steps to Stop People From Stealing Your Time

By Liz Uram If you work remotely either part-time or full-time, temporarily or permanently, you have probably discovered that you are a lot more productive when you are not in the office. The main reason for the increase in productivity is that people aren’t inviting you to ‘got-a-minute’ meetings. ‘Got-a-minute’ meetings are those unannounced drop-ins […]

Jonathan Carson

Cut Commercial Heating and Cooling Bills

5 Easy Steps to Stay in Control By Jonathan Carson Aaron owns and operates a 10,000-square-foot light commercial business building. He has been very unhappy with his skyrocketing utility bills. He isn’t sure what to do about it, but he’d love to do SOMETHING as they are keeping him from salting away funds for much-needed […]

Maria Church

GRATITUDE for Challenging People

By Dr. Maria Church, CSP, CPC It is easy to be grateful for all the good things in our life—the promotion, reaching and surpassing your goals, a killer interview, or helping your team member overcome a challenge. This is good stuff and easy to be grateful for. However, being grateful for challenging colleagues or customers […]

Kate Zabriskie

All in the Dysfunctional Family

Generational Business Fails and What to Do About Them By Kate Zabriskie Anyone in a family business knows that according to many statistics, the chance of the business surviving declines with each handoff to the next generation. What causes the drop-off? Among the myriad of reasons, times change, dedication levels vary, and talent isn’t always […]

Christopher Tompkins

7 Rules You Need to Know for B2B Lead Generation

By Chris Tompkins So, you have heard the term “lead generation” before. But what does this actually mean for how you should operate your business? To start, there are a few things to break down: Many B2B business owners do not know where to begin when it comes to gaining quality leads. They want to […]