Jill Johnson

9 Tips to Make Working Remotely Work for You and Your Employer

By Jill J. Johnson  The concept of remote working has been around for a long time. Many entrepreneurs have mastered the ability to work virtually, but it is often a major challenge for those who normally work in a busy office setting to shift to working outside their traditional office environment. Working remotely can feel […]

Will Caarson

Save 20 Percent (or More) on Heating, Cooling Bills

Top Five Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Your Business & Their Benefits By Will Caarson Any businessperson who wants to learn how to save money on their heating and cooling bills—and who doesn’t?—must familiarize themselves with the term, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, (SEER) as part of an overall strategy to upgrade the energy efficiency of their […]

Ami Kassar

Securing Funding For Your Small Business

Busting the 3 Biggest Myths about the Small Business Administration  By Ami Kassar Given that politics are always a hot topic, you’ve likely heard plenty from both political parties about how government at all levels simply doesn’t work. That’s not a new complaint, and just about everyone can share a story about some government nightmare […]

Alex Patton

Stats and Graphs Can Lie to You

7 Ways to Avoid Spreading Bad Information  By Alex Patton You’ve probably heard something like this before: A junior manager walks into a meeting and, trying to impress, announces “if the United States would only reduce oil imports from Norway, we could literally reduce deaths of drivers colliding with railway trains…per capita.” “It’s true, I […]

Kate Zabriskie

A Change Will Do You Good: 9 Steps to Lead Your Team Through Uncertain Times

By Kate Zabriskie If there is one thing about business that doesn’t change, it’s that business will always change! Be it through the advent of new technology, loss of a key employee, new laws that govern the way your industry does business, or even a takeover by another company. No matter what the change may […]

Jeremy Eskenazi

8 Ways to Secure Top Talent Without Offering More Salary

By Jeremy Eskenazi Hiring in North America has not been this challenging in a very long time. The employment rate is at an all-time high, and top candidates have been able to negotiate great packages for themselves as some get multiple offers. As you start looking for the next superstar to further your company’s goals, […]

Allison Sakara

Three Ways Your Business may be Sickening Your Employees and Customers

By Allison Sakara Yes, you read that right! There are three mostly overlooked causes of serious health problems that are having a detrimental impact on the health of employees and customers. Governmental health agencies worldwide are actively studying SDoH using advanced cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. Fortunately, this important research is bringing these vital business […]

Jill Johnson

Maintaining a Leadership EDGE in Turbulent Times

By Jill J. Johnson  Why is it that some people seem to weather any business storm or crisis without appearing to break into a sweat? How is it that they always seem able to recover from a stumble and move on to even greater success? Are they immune to failure because they have won the […]

Peter DeHaan

It’s Your Move: Life Lessons From the Game of Chess

My cousins taught me how to play chess when I was in third grade. My parents, doubting I could grasp the complexities of the game, urged caution and tried to lower my expectations. Yet I forged ahead. My oldest cousin patiently taught me the names of the pieces and how they moved. He gently quizzed […]

Marcia Reynolds

Eye Rolling: Five Ways to Keep the Conversation Rolling

By Marcia Reynolds, PsyD “I can handle when they talk back to me,” the HR Director said, “but when they roll their eyes, it just gets under my skin.” “I know,” said the Training Manager. “I have an intern who does amazing work, but when I try to give him some direction, the eye roll […]