Kate Zabriskie

Why You’re Not Getting the Most from Your Training Dollars and How to Start Getting a Better Return

By Kate Zabriskie Each year, organizations waste thousands of dollars on training that doesn’t deliver what the people who bought it thought it would. Consequently, many of those remorseful purchasers determine that either training has no value to their employees, the training facilitators don’t know what they’re doing, the program designers are out of touch […]

Rich Horwath

The 3 Disciplines of Strategic Thinking

By Rich Horwath Do you get it? Translation: Are you strategic? How often have you overheard a group talking about a leader and saying, “She/he just doesn’t get it”? Do they say that about you? Well, are you tactical or strategic? Does it even matter? A survey conducted with 400 talent management leaders found that […]

Steve Yacovelli

Flexing Your Leadership Courage

By Dr. Steve Yacovelli Remember in The Wizard of Oz how the Cowardly Lion—when he got to see the Wizard—was like, “What? I already had courage? WTH?” It was kind of not cool that the Wizard made the poor guy goes all the way through that drama, only to say, “That gift you want? You […]

Jeremy Eskenazi

Job Candidate Ghosting: Three Ways to Minimize the Risk

By Jeremy Eskenazi The Urban Dictionary describes ghosting as “the act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no longer wishes to date.” While dating and interviewing candidates is not the same thing, they are very similar in the early stages and can elicit very similar behaviors. Candidate ghosting is […]

Jonathan Carson

Is Your Office Air Filter Installed in Error?

Dirty Registers, ‘Popping’ Sounds among Signs You’re Using the Wrong One By Jonathan Carson As a business owner, you understand the need for routine maintenance to protect the equipment you use every day. One of those valuable investments is your HVAC system. Part of your routine may be to change your HVAC filters before winter […]

Jill Johnson

Build Robust Customer Relationships by Taking a Proactive Approach

By Jill J. Johnson While today’s sales process can appear streamlined and online, it creates complexities and confusion for consumers who have vastly more options in a global marketplace. The internet has blurred traditional sales territories because consumers can now search the world for the products and services they want or need. Finding the right […]

Kate Zabriskie

Remote Control

8 Tips and Tricks for Conducting Stronger Conference Calls and Virtual Meetings By Kate Zabriskie Despite large advances in technology, few people look forward to participating in remote meetings. When fellow participants fail to mute their lines, don’t give the interaction their full attention, or commit some other virtual-get-together sin, the mood of the group […]

Dana Morgan-Barnes

Make Kindness the Cornerstone of Your Business

By Dana Morgan-Barnes Business is no longer a “dog eat dog” proposition. Instead, we are seeing how being kind, even in our business dealings, can make you “Top Dog.” Ok, animal metaphors aside, why is being kind so good for business? It’s a known fact that we like to do business with people we know, […]

Patrick Ungashick

7 Reasons to Put Golden Handcuffs on Your Best Employees

By Patrick Ungashick High-performing employees are often the most valuable asset in most companies. Customers, products, technology, inventory, and many other assets come and go. A company that cannot hold onto its best employees, however, likely cannot grow. Yet ironically, few companies take any formal steps to minimize the risk of losing top employees. Sure, […]

Jason Harris

5 Keys to Protect Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset: Its People

Providing Your Teams the C.A.R.G.O. to Succeed By: Jason O. Harris Your company’s most precious cargo is its people.  Each day that you walk into your office, establishment, and organization, you are responsible for cultivating the culture. You are responsible for fostering a workplace culture that is one based on commitment and trust. As you […]