Jonathan Carson

Cut Commercial Heating and Cooling Bills

5 Easy Steps to Stay in Control By Jonathan Carson Aaron owns and operates a 10,000-square-foot light commercial business building. He has been very unhappy with his skyrocketing utility bills. He isn’t sure what to do about it, but he’d love to do SOMETHING as they are keeping him from salting away funds for much-needed […]

Kate Zabriskie

All in the Dysfunctional Family

Generational Business Fails and What to Do About Them By Kate Zabriskie Anyone in a family business knows that according to many statistics, the chance of the business surviving declines with each handoff to the next generation. What causes the drop-off? Among the myriad of reasons, times change, dedication levels vary, and talent isn’t always […]

Christopher Tompkins

The Two Types of ROI: Return on Investment vs. Return on Influence

By Christopher Tompkins In the marketing world, many businesses focus on ROI (return on Investment). However, when they don’t get the immediate monetary results they desire, they begin to pull away from social media marketing. But there is another side of the coin: ROI 2.0 (return on Influence). Many businesses have begun investing more time […]

Ami Kassar

Take Advantage of the Current Financial Mess

By Ami Kassar There’s no denying a societal crisis, especially a global one is a game-changer in many ways, especially in the business community. Plenty of business people—entrepreneurs and otherwise—are dealing with real pain and life- and business-threatening situations. You can only hope for the best. Yet business owners, especially those whose current and future […]

Ami Kassar

Securing Funding For Your Small Business

Busting the 3 Biggest Myths about the Small Business Administration  By Ami Kassar Given that politics are always a hot topic, you’ve likely heard plenty from both political parties about how government at all levels simply doesn’t work. That’s not a new complaint, and just about everyone can share a story about some government nightmare […]

Patrick Ungashick

Business Valuations: Three Situations When You Might Not Need One

By Patrick Ungashick Business valuations are an important tool for owners and leaders of privately-held companies. For example, if you are doing sophisticated tax planning, buying-out a business partner, or if an owner is going through a marital divorce, then a valuation may be highly prudent—if not legally required. However, business owners and leaders should […]

Jill Johnson

Understand the Impact of Your Profit Per Sale

Make Sure You’re Dedicating Your Resources to the Right Clients By Jill J. Johnson, MBA Few enterprises truly understand the actual profits generated by the individual sales they make. Most metrics for sales effectiveness are monitored by reviewing top line revenue results. Yet the most critical determinant of on-going business viability is to understand what […]

Josh Luke

Controlling Corporate Healthcare Costs

5 Simple Steps to Reduce Costs and Improve Care By Dr. Josh Luke After working on his own as an independent healthcare insurance broker for several years, Ryan recently took a job with a bigger brokerage. When he broke the news to his wife that the company he joined did not offer a traditional PPO […]

Kevin Coughlin

Good Profits versus Bad Profits

What’s the True Cost of Only Focusing on the Bottom Line? By Dr. Kevin Coughlin Is there really such a thing as bad profits? With business getting larger and more powerful, and investors feeling and expecting ever-greater ROI, wouldn’t that imply that all profits are good? It is an important question to ask. Bad profits […]

Chuck Gallagher

Fraud: Every Business is at Risk

By Chuck Gallagher At first, when his wife said that Sargent Willis was on the phone and had some questions, Reverend Bobby thought he might have run a red light and was caught by a traffic cam. Sadly, the actual problem was much graver. The police officer began to question him about Sue Hardy, the […]