Christopher Tompkins

7 Rules You Need to Know for B2B Lead Generation

By Chris Tompkins So, you have heard the term “lead generation” before. But what does this actually mean for how you should operate your business? To start, there are a few things to break down: Many B2B business owners do not know where to begin when it comes to gaining quality leads. They want to […]

Angela DeFinis

Get Energized! 5 Tips to Create Energy in Your Virtual Presentations

By Angela DeFinis Whether you’re new to working remotely or have been doing it for years, you know one thing is true: Giving virtual presentations via Zoom and other online meeting platforms can be a challenge. Many professionals feel that online meetings lack the excitement and passion that comes naturally during face-to-face communication. And they’re […]

Mike Bivins

Dilution is the Solution to COVID (& Other) Pollution

By Mike Bivins Even before the coronavirus pandemic struck, a landmark report from the World Health Organization (WHO) on Social Determinants of Health (SDoHs) cited poor air quality as one of the leading non-medical factors that impact health. Basically, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) was already on the minds of business owners, COVID-19 has served to […]

Jill Johnson

Gaining Strategic Clarity When Your Crystal Ball is Cloudy

By Jill J. Johnson, MBA Today’s business climate continues to be exceptionally complex and volatile. Even as we move into this “new normal” environment, we no longer have the luxury of being able to take for granted that shifting trends will be visible or that customer needs will be stable. Now is the time to […]

Hassan Tetteh

Six ‘Super Forces’ That Impact The Health of Your Workforce and Business Action Steps for Leaders to Help Their Team

By Hassan Tetteh, MD Each new year provides an opportunity to raise awareness for both men and women about health, wellness, disease prevention, and highlight six super forces that will dramatically impact the health of your workforce and your business. Some risk factors for developing disease, in your workforce, such as age and heredity, cannot […]

Julie Miller

Email Editing: 3 Tips to Ensure Your Message is not Missed

By Dr. Julie Miller “We are going to have a sales contest this month. The winners will get to enter next month’s contest and will have the honor to continue working with me!” It was supposed to be a joke. Frank loved to joke with people, but he usually stayed away from injecting humor into […]

Jill Johnson

Big Data Creates Big Opportunities for Your Business

3 Insights for Any Size Enterprise By Jill J. Johnson, MBA Big data is critical to business success because it provides leadership with important insights and information. Large enterprises use sophisticated systems to track data and often have internal analysts on their team to crunch their numbers. Or, they hire outside experts to do it […]

Kate Zabriskie

Managing in the New Normal: Tactics for Better Telework and Remote-Employee Engagement

By Kate Zabriskie It was one thing to see her entire family during meetings when everyone first went into lockdown, but we’re months into this. Shouldn’t she have come up with some kind of work-at-home plan by now? I did. The situation is maddening! Her kids, dog, and husband to not mix well with work. […]

Mona Kelley

Balancing Clean Air & Reopening amid New COVID-19 Indoor Air Guidelines

By Mona Kelley In the aftermath of sweeping stay-at-home orders and a three-month shutdown of many businesses, life in a post-COVID world is going through a “new normal”—a different way of doing things than were done in the past. With a wide range of challenges facing commercial building owners as a result of the coronavirus, […]

Ami Kassar

Take Advantage of the Current Financial Mess

By Ami Kassar There’s no denying a societal crisis, especially a global one is a game-changer in many ways, especially in the business community. Plenty of business people—entrepreneurs and otherwise—are dealing with real pain and life- and business-threatening situations. You can only hope for the best. Yet business owners, especially those whose current and future […]