Kate Zabriskie

A Change Will Do You Good: 9 Steps to Lead Your Team Through Uncertain Times

By Kate Zabriskie If there is one thing about business that doesn’t change, it’s that business will always change! Be it through the advent of new technology, loss of a key employee, new laws that govern the way your industry does business, or even a takeover by another company. No matter what the change may […]

Jill Johnson

Maintaining a Leadership EDGE in Turbulent Times

By Jill J. Johnson  Why is it that some people seem to weather any business storm or crisis without appearing to break into a sweat? How is it that they always seem able to recover from a stumble and move on to even greater success? Are they immune to failure because they have won the […]

Dana Morgan-Barnes

Make Kindness the Cornerstone of Your Business

By Dana Morgan-Barnes Business is no longer a “dog eat dog” proposition. Instead, we are seeing how being kind, even in our business dealings, can make you “Top Dog.” Ok, animal metaphors aside, why is being kind so good for business? It’s a known fact that we like to do business with people we know, […]

Rich Horwath

The 5 Myths of Business Strategy

By Rich Horwath Consider some of the most popular myths: Lightning never strikes the same place twice—it does. There is no gravity in space—there is, just less. Humans only use 10 percent of their brains—actually, a lot more—yes, even men. Pigeons blow up if fed uncooked rice—they don’t. Which myths or half-truths have permeated your […]

Michele Wierzgac

Engaging the Power of Your Informal Networks

By Michele Wierzgac, MSEd Networking is recognized as a major influence on one’s ability to achieve great success. The most successful people in the world possess the capability to influence and shape the opinions of others. However, there is a greater emphasis on the type of network one participates in. Much has been written about successful […]

Mike Bivins

What if Your Office HVAC System was SMART?

By Mike Bivins “Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology,” better known as SMART Technology, monitors and analyzes computerized equipment and lets you know when a problem arises. SMART Technology now exists in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and it’s emerging as an extremely efficient way of saving energy (and money) for business owners. Consider […]

Patrick Ungashick

7 Reasons to Not Share Ownership with Key Employees

By Patrick Ungashick Many business owners consider at some point sharing ownership of their company with one or more key employees. Sharing ownership can create powerful advantages—retaining employees for the long-term and incentivizing them to increase business value are usually top motives. Sharing ownership appears to elevate top employees into a true partnership with the […]

Rich Horwath

5 Critical Steps to Better Meetings

By Rich Horwath Are your meetings creating valuable new insights for the business or are they a series of multitasking-filled monologues? Are they productive conversations about key business issues or a rehashing of the same stuff you’ve been talking about for months? Are your meetings getting better or worse? Answer these five sample questions from […]

Magi Graziano

8 Steps to Transform your Corporate Culture

By Magi Graziano The engagement level of your workforce expands beyond the limits of offering tangibles such as a great benefits package, competitive market rates, flexible work schedules and challenging projects. Your company culture is truly your competitive advantage. Most leaders are intent on shaping a constructive, collaborative and innovative workplace; however, accomplishing this eludes […]

Matt Baird

Cheap, Fast or Good—How to Pick the Two That Are Best for You

By Matt Baird Would you expect someone to give you all the time in the world to deliver an average product, while letting you charge as much as you want for it? Sounds absurd, right? This scenario is just as pie in the sky as getting something cheap, fast and good. Rarely, if ever, do […]