Magi Graziano

8 Steps to Transform your Corporate Culture

By Magi Graziano The engagement level of your workforce expands beyond the limits of offering tangibles such as a great benefits package, competitive market rates, flexible work schedules and challenging projects. Your company culture is truly your competitive advantage. Most leaders are intent on shaping a constructive, collaborative and innovative workplace; however, accomplishing this eludes […]

Matt Baird

Cheap, Fast or Good—How to Pick the Two That Are Best for You

By Matt Baird Would you expect someone to give you all the time in the world to deliver an average product, while letting you charge as much as you want for it? Sounds absurd, right? This scenario is just as pie in the sky as getting something cheap, fast and good. Rarely, if ever, do […]

David Chinsky

Prioritizing Opportunities Using Four Levels of Focus

By Dr. David Chinsky As leaders formulate and fine tune their strategies, it is important for them to sort through and prioritize the often bewildering array of opportunities that compete for their attention. One of the biggest traps you can fall prey to is the belief that everything is “Priority One”. The problem with this […]

Kate Zabriskie

One-on-One Meetings Matter More Than You Know

By Kate Zabriskie There are only two of us in my department. Why should I bother with a formal meeting? We sit right across from each other. I tried meeting individually with my direct reports, but they had nothing to talk about. Besides, we’re all adults. We know what we’re supposed to be doing at […]

Jill Johnson

Stalled Sales? 

Get Unstuck by Engaging in a Strategic Market Analysis By Jill J. Johnson If you are struggling with sluggish sales, there are two critical areas you must review to address the situation. The first is determining if the slowdown is due to changes in your target market. The second is determining if your sales and […]

Emily Safrin

From Blunder to Wonder: How Companies Successfully Bounce Back from Mistakes

Emily Safrin 1993 was a terrible year for a particular major national fast food chain. It was an even worse year for four families who suffered unimaginable losses after their children ate contaminated meat at the establishment. Unsurprisingly, the chain found itself on the verge of bankruptcy. However, in a matter of years, it had […]

Jeremy Eskenazi

Five Ways to Leverage Your Talent Brand to Attract Great Candidates

How your company can leverage what employees and candidates say about you to attract top talent By Jeremy Eskenazi Have you ever struggled to hire the right people? Do most of the people you interview seem like a questionable fit at your company? It might be a symptom of not using your employer brand to […]

Kate Zabriskie

The Overlooked Management Tool

Staff Meetings Matter More Than You Might Think By Kate Zabriskie I sit right next them. We don’t need to have a staff meeting. I used to have staff meetings, but we stopped having them. Nobody had anything to talk about. We have enough meetings. We certainly don’t need another. For a myriad of reasons, […]

Elizabeth McCormick

7 Habits to Take Your Workplace Culture to New HEIGHTS

By Elizabeth McCormick “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”—Vince Lombardi Your beliefs dictate your behavior and your behaviors create habits that determine your destination. You’re either going towards greatness or obscurity; there is no neutrality to your momentum. So, where are your habits taking you? Leading your organization towards a specific destination or […]

Anne Connor

What Your Signage Says About You

By Anne Connor Ben could hardly wait to set up his own business after years of working for a large company. Knowing the demographics of his market area, Ben wanted to market to the large Latino population there. So, he looked up the key words in Spanish and created a beautifully designed website and colorful, […]