Patrick Ungashick

7 Reasons to Put Golden Handcuffs on Your Best Employees

By Patrick Ungashick High-performing employees are often the most valuable asset in most companies. Customers, products, technology, inventory, and many other assets come and go. A company that cannot hold onto its best employees, however, likely cannot grow. Yet ironically, few companies take any formal steps to minimize the risk of losing top employees. Sure, […]

Jeremy Eskenazi

How to Simplify and Maximize Your Video Interviews

By Jeremy Eskenazi Interview practices have come a long way over the last few years. With it has come to some huge benefits like video interviews! It has saved candidates hours in anxious commuting time as one standout benefit. The flip side is that video interviews that are not well set up can create even […]

Steve Yacovelli

Positive Thinking at Work: Not Being a “Glass Half-Fool”

By: Steve Yacovelli, Ed.D. So many people in the modern workplace try to operate from a glass-half-full mindset. But these days it’s getting tougher to see that glass of (insert your beverage of choice) as being half-full versus half-empty. There’s so much negativity in the world today, so much polarization, so many 24/7 news outlets […]

Steve Yacovelli

Identifying and Mitigating Unconscious Bias in Yourself and in Your Workplace

By Dr. Steve Yacovelli Three fun facts: First, studies show that resumes with “white” sounding names (like “Greg”) were 50 percent more likely to get a callback for an interview by potential employers than a more stereotypically African-American sounding names (like “Jamal”), even when the resumes were identical aside from the name. Second, brunette and […]

Peter DeHaan

The Truth about College: It May Not Matter as Much As You Think

By Peter Lyle DeHaan , PhD It amuses me to tell people I went to college for 40 years. Their reactions vary from shock to admiration, from pity to surprise. As a high school sophomore, I learned the local community college would admit select high school seniors. Acting partly out of youthful arrogance and partly […]

Brad Wolff

Change Your Mindset or Suffer the Consequences

5 Steps to Thrive in Our Unstable World By Brad Wolff We live in a world of unpredictable and uncontrollable change. How can we survive and even thrive when our environment turns against us? Bill Evans was the CEO of Shifting Rocks Corporation, the dominant regional player in providing rocks for road construction. After thirty […]

Baldwin Tom

The New Super Heroes: Introducing The Intangibles

By Baldwin Tom There are seven capital investments available for organizations to build value and wealth. These capital investments are Human, Relationship, Spiritual, Customer, Organizational, Physical, and Financial. In the 1980 winter Olympics in Lake Placid, the U.S. Men’s Ice Hockey team won the gold medal. In order for them to win gold, they had […]

Sarah Bateman

Giving Yourself Permission Slips to Succeed

By Sarah Bateman Joan was sitting at a round table when a hand descended over her right shoulder and slapped a piece of paper down on the wooden surface. A permission slip lay before her. Joan wondered, “Why do I need a permission slip?” She glanced up at her colleague, Cheryl, who said, “It’s a […]

Jeffrey W. Foley

Wield the Five Keys to Leaving a Positive Leadership Legacy in Your Life

By Jeffrey W. Foley Many successful business people have pondered their leadership legacy—how do they want to be remembered. And many of them struggle to find the answer. Your legacy is defined by the impact you have on the lives of others after you are gone. It is how you will be remembered. We are […]

Lei Wang

Keys to Find (And Make the Most of) Your Professional Mentor

By Lei Wang As a working professional, you have probably heard many stories of how other people credited their success to their mentors. Working with a mentor can truly pave the way to success in one’s career, but oftentimes creating—and maintaining—the mentor-mentee relationship can be challenging. Maybe your company does not offer a formal mentorship […]