Peter DeHaan

So, You’re Being Acquired

Most employees fear the changes wrought by acquisition. I have never been “acquired,” but I have been on the other side—about a dozen times, buying small and medium-sized companies and integrating them into a larger operation. The almost universal response to an acquisition announcement is trepidation and panic. Staff, especially front-line staff, expect the worst. […]

Curt Redden

A PRIMAL Approach to Creating the Professional Life You Desire!

By Curt Redden Are you completely satisfied in your career or work? Whether you are just starting your career, or are more seasoned in your position, it can sometimes become a challenge to stay motivated, engaged and happy all the time. It is likely you devote a tremendous amount of time in your chosen field, […]

Lei Wang

Reaching the Professional Summit

Three Pillars to Redefine and Understand Success  By Lei Wang Stephanie is in her early fifties. She has been a business consultant for twenty years and worked her way up from a junior associate all the way to one of the few female partners in her company. She lives a comfortable life and no longer […]

Walt Grassl

To Succeed as a Leader, Share the Big Picture

By Walt Grassl Mike worked for a medium-sized business and went to work every day happy to have a job. But he wasn’t too enthused about his work environment. Employee morale was so-so because most long-time employees were merely going through the motions. Greg was a friend of Mike’s from college. They both went to […]

Brannon Dreher

How to Make Your Training Stick

How Much Information Sticks during Training? By Brannon Dreher Your company delivers an expensive new training program to employees and then, like any smart company does, spends the next few months measuring the effects. Immediately after sales training, you find that your newly trained salespeople are only using two of the six selling approaches that […]

Anne Connor

Arriving at the Right Type of Language Professional

By Anne Connor Business people don’t have to communicate with extraterrestrials (yet), but they can still learn a few things from the sci-fi thriller Arrival. The blockbuster film put a language professional in the leading role. Hollywood star Amy Adams plays Dr. Louise Banks, a linguistics professor asked by U.S. Army Intelligence to help communicate […]

Walt Grassl

7 Ways to Navigate Office Politics

By Walt Grassl The first time Jay met with his mentor, Brian, he asked him what the most important thing to know to be successful at work was. Jay was surprised when Brian said, “Politics.” Politics in the workplace is often an afterthought. But it is important to understand the landscape, the people, and the […]

Elizabeth McCormick

Mastering the Mastermind

Making the Most of Cross-Mentoring Groups By Elizabeth McCormick The mastermind concept came from an admirer of industrialist Andrew Carnegie. Napoleon Hill described the idea in his 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich, but the mastermind plan adapts to many forms of business networking, not just entrepreneurs, as originally foreseen. The principles of a mastermind […]

Wayne Schoeneberg

The Six Pillars of Professional Power

P.A.M.P.E.R. Your Way to Success By Wayne Schoeneberg Rubbing shoulders with successful people has demonstrated that they all share certain characteristics. There are six traits that all successful people have in common, and they serve as drivers to success. Some of those people came by the traits naturally. Others learned the traits one at a […]

Kate Zabriskie

Harness the Power of “Thanks” and Step-Up Your Gratitude Game

By Kate Zabriskie If you’re grateful but don’t take the time tell anyone, does it count? Maybe, but it’s a bit like clapping with one hand. You know you’re doing it, but does anyone else? Probably not. When shown appropriately, gratitude has tremendous power. At a minimum, it will keep you from appearing like an […]