Julie Miller

Four Tips to Re-Build Trust Through Writing

By Dr. Julie Miller “I wish I could rewind the clock and do it differently.” Bob, CEO of a mid-size organization lamented to his former colleague, Rick.  A week earlier he had sent out an internal memo warning that things were about to change. Their entire industry would soon be affected due to emerging government […]

Kate Zabriskie

Remote Control

8 Tips and Tricks for Conducting Stronger Conference Calls and Virtual Meetings By Kate Zabriskie Despite large advances in technology, few people look forward to participating in remote meetings. When fellow participants fail to mute their lines, don’t give the interaction their full attention, or commit some other virtual-get-together sin, the mood of the group […]

Greg Alcorn

7 Common Communication Blunders

By Greg Alcorn Have you ever said something at work you wish you hadn’t? Sometimes the wrong words just blurt out to employees or with the client. The first step in fixing common communication blunders on the job is to know what those blunders are. Then you can say something the smart way and not […]

David Chinsky

Casting Your Confidence Net

Four Strategies to Manage Self-Doubt By Dr. David Chinsky Even when leaders are clear about where they want to take their teams, pushback from colleagues, combined with self-doubts, can cause them to become paralyzed at the point of action. Clarity without confidence is an ineffective formula for success. All leaders are subject to resisters and […]

Elena Langdon

When It Comes to Communication, More Is More

By Elena Langdon In our world of information overload, less is often more. This old adage still applies in the world of communications—think website or marketing copy that is best short and sweet. Yet context and preparation is needed when human interaction is involved. The more time and energy you invest upfront, the more time, […]

Henry DeVries

Mistakes to Avoid When Communicating Change

By Henry DeVries Gulp. Suppose the time has come to communicate a major change for your organization. Maybe it is a downsizing, a restructuring, or a switch to total quality management. The change is so important the future of the company depends on it. Employees are mustered to the cafeteria where the CEO makes an […]

Anne Connor

Arriving at the Right Type of Language Professional

By Anne Connor Business people don’t have to communicate with extraterrestrials (yet), but they can still learn a few things from the sci-fi thriller Arrival. The blockbuster film put a language professional in the leading role. Hollywood star Amy Adams plays Dr. Louise Banks, a linguistics professor asked by U.S. Army Intelligence to help communicate […]

Matt Baird

To Translate or Not to Translate

Five Tips for Knowing When You Need Professional Translation By Matt Baird “A little knowledge goes a long way.” That’s what Michael, the owner of a fast-growing company, said to his business partner when discussing the process of taking their US success into international markets. His partner couldn’t agree more. Sales were up, and they […]

Stephanie Tramdack Cash

The High Cost of Cheap Translation

Why You Shouldn’t Skimp When Leaping the Language Barrier By Stephanie Tramdack Cash You pay for the best product development and manufacturing. Your legal and administrative people are top-notch. You choose your advertising and marketing partners with utmost care. And then you pick the lowest bidder for your translations. There’s a good chance you’ve just […]

Matt Baird

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

By Matt Baird We’ve all seen them: eyebrow-raising “translations” that leave you either shaking your head or slapping your knee. Just ask Google and you’ll find countless examples such as a no smoking sign in Israel that says “violators will be peralized” (yes, it’s even misspelled) or a bilingual road sign in Wales telling Welsh-speaking […]