Matt Baird

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

By Matt Baird We’ve all seen them: eyebrow-raising “translations” that leave you either shaking your head or slapping your knee. Just ask Google and you’ll find countless examples such as a no smoking sign in Israel that says “violators will be peralized” (yes, it’s even misspelled) or a bilingual road sign in Wales telling Welsh-speaking […]

Tracey C. Jones

SOB or ESP: What’s your Communication Style?

By Tracey C. Jones Texan: “Where are you from?” Harvard Grad: “I come from a place where we do not end our sentences with prepositions.” Texan: “OK — where are you from, smart-aleck?” We are rapidly losing the art of communication. The very trait which separates us from the animals is about to be our […]

Anne Connor

5 Tips for Taking your Business Global

By Anne Connor The Coca-Cola Company is the leading beverage maker in China’s $69 billion soft drink market, but the story might have been quite different if it weren’t for some smart and localized brand management at the very beginning of its foray into the country. Protecting the company’s valuable trademark was a high priority […]

Bob Phibbs

7 Ways To Improve Your Non-Verbal Selling Skills

Your body language sends wordless cues long before you try to close a sale. By Bob Phibbs The more you understand about what your body is saying – oftentimes without our knowledge – the more you can see how often it gets in your way. And that is especially true when you are in a […]

Ascanio Pignatelli

Engage Your Employees with Elevated Communication

By Ascanio Pignatelli In many ways, Adrian Aragon was a great CEO; hard-working and completely devoted to his staff and organization, but it was not until he analyzed his CEO performance review that he noticed the blind-spot in his leadership: the gap between how he saw his communication, and how his employees were interpreting it. […]

Mark Vickers

Communication Smog: How Much is it Costing Your Company?

By Mark Vickers What would you do if a pollutant in your office was killing $5,000 of profit this year? What would you do if every single employee spewed forth that much pollution each year? This pollutant called “Ineffective Communication” affects every employee and causes smog in your organization that prevents clear and concise communication […]

Robert Cialdini

The Six Principles of Successful Workplace Negotiation

By Robert Cialdini No matter what your job title, chances are you engage in workplace negotiations every day. Whether selling products or services to clients, vying for more company resources, driving your ideas through to completion, or simply managing the day-to-day workload, being able to successfully negotiate with others is essential for success. At its […]

Mark Vickers

4 Secrets to Communicating with Clarity

By Mark Vickers After learning to create and present a clear and succinct value proposition, Gerry, the owner of a small company, was overheard lamenting: “I had no idea how important it was to get rid of all those extra words and slow down. How many sales have I lost over the last 5 years […]

Walt Grassl

Use Improv to Improve Your Business Skills

By Walt Grassl Susie and Ron had been working together for eleven years and had been managers for the last three. Ron was struggling with the challenges of getting his organization to perform at a high level. He had noticed that Susie consistently stayed within budget and not only met—but exceeded—her goals. Ron saw Susie […]

L.J. RIttenhouse

Be an Authentic Rock Star Communicator

By L.J. Rittenhouse How Candor Determines Performance and Results Investors in a hotel meeting room wait to hear presentations from two utility CEOs, a widely-followed financial analyst and a respected portfolio manager. The CEOs start. Each one shows PowerPoint slides that illustrate their large companies’ “bright futures.” As they speak, people in the audience read […]