Emily Safrin

From Blunder to Wonder: How Companies Successfully Bounce Back from Mistakes

Emily Safrin 1993 was a terrible year for a particular major national fast food chain. It was an even worse year for four families who suffered unimaginable losses after their children ate contaminated meat at the establishment. Unsurprisingly, the chain found itself on the verge of bankruptcy. However, in a matter of years, it had […]

Peter DeHaan

The Effects of High Unemployment

By Peter Lyle DeHaan , PhD Ten years ago, the unemployment rate was running high. Businesses needing to hire found themselves in a “buyer’s market.” This was what I wrote back then: There are plenty of people looking for work. This results in more applicants to pick from for each opening. High unemployment has also […]

Lee Ellis

In Tough Times, Treasure your Trials

By Lee Ellis Are you going through tough times?  It may be time to reflect on some who have been down that road before you. For the POWs in the Vietnam War, facing serious trials became a way of life.  In that bleak existence locked up and isolated in a communist prison camp for five, […]

Eileen McDargh

Today’s Economy Demands A Critical Skill: Optimism

By Eileen McDargh Global warming. Water shortages. Terrorism. Failing health care system. Wars around the globe. Gas prices. Severe economic downturn. Look at the headlines and it’s enough to make you stay in bed. But wait! There is hope. It’s not the cock-eyed optimism sung about in South Pacific, the hottest show on Broadway. Rather […]