Avoiding Days of the Living Dead

Addressing Workplace Zombies and Promoting Engagement One Person at a Time By Kate Zabriskie Zombies in the workplace are soul-sucking, money-draining, productivity-killing entities that chip away at an organization’s spirit and its engagement levels one convert at a time. … Continue reading

The Gift of Feedback

7 Steps to Move from Confrontation to Conversation By Dr. David Chinsky Feedback is a gift that anchors your relationships in honesty. Everyone depends upon the feedback they receive to appreciate and reinforce their areas of strength, and to identify areas for personal and professional … Continue reading

The Only Constant is Change

As I look back, I see how things have changed. I have changed, my family has changed, technologies have changed, my business has changed, and the industries I work in have changed. In today’s business environment, a culture of change is essential for every organization. In my younger … Continue reading