Gregg Gregory

Leaders Play a Major Role for the Employee

By Gregg Gregory Think of the best boss you have ever had in your adult work life. Now what are the top three reasons you said this is your best boss? If you are like many you answered with statements like: Lead by example Encouraged everyone Rewarded fairly Held me accountable Empowered me Now either […]

Joelle K. Jay

Become a Better Leader: Commit to Continuous Learning

By Joelle K. Jay, Ph.D. In order to excel in your work, in your life, or as a leader, you need to commit to continuous learning. Many leaders know this, but many more are missing the opportunities for powerful learning that could really help them get ahead on their goals. Leaders are encouraged to learn […]

Pat Heydlauff

The Engaged Workforce: Who is Responsible?

By Pat Heydlauff Walt Disney once said, “Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal.” He understood perfectly whose responsibility engagement was – it was his. He was a hands-on leader, personally involved and engaged with his workforce. Engagement […]

Esther Francis Joseph

The 3 A’s: Ingredients for a Peaceful Office Life

By Esther Francis Joseph With many different personality types in an office setting, the workplace can either be a pleasant place to be or hostile territory. A lot depends on the dynamics and interactions between personnel. When a coworker has done something inappropriate in their role as a manager or as an employee, destructive emotions […]

Eric J. Romero

Lead Unconventionally and Beat the Competition

By Eric J. Romero Leaders inspire people to do amazing things; the type of things that their followers would not do on their own. With leadership, a vision and competitive advantage becomes reality. The more change an organization is facing, the greater the need for leaders. The more flexible a firm must be to survive […]