David Chinsky

Casting Your Confidence Net

Four Strategies to Manage Self-Doubt By Dr. David Chinsky Even when leaders are clear about where they want to take their teams, pushback from colleagues, combined with self-doubts, can cause them to become paralyzed at the point of action. Clarity without confidence is an ineffective formula for success. All leaders are subject to resisters and […]

Steve Yacovelli

The Top 6 Leadership Competencies Everyone Should Know & Grow

By Dr. Steve Yacovelli If you turn to most organizations—including your own—you’ll likely be able to list out the “core values” that anyone within the workplace should embody. Look in the break room, on the annual performance appraisal, or maybe on some cool tchotchke given out at an annual workplace event; you’ll see things like […]

Michele Wierzgac

10 Commandments for the Inspirational Leader: The Foundation of Business Solutions

By Michele Wierzgac, MSEd There are so many theories in leadership ranging from vision to self-awareness to service. The simplest way to develop your leadership skills is to have a work ethic mixed with a solid foundation of core values. Inspirational leaders have commandments they work and live by. Commandments, or guidelines, lay the critical foundation […]

John Waid

The 3 Values of Great Leaders

Are You a V.I.P. Leader? By John Waid Leadership is an overused word. There are a lot of managers in companies, but very few leaders. Even the ones that call themselves leaders possess attributes that leave much to be desired. Great leaders have a few qualities that make them special and make the companies they […]

David Chinsky

The Gift of Feedback

7 Steps to Move from Confrontation to Conversation By Dr. David Chinsky Feedback is a gift that anchors your relationships in honesty. Everyone depends upon the feedback they receive to appreciate and reinforce their areas of strength, and to identify areas for personal and professional growth and development. While there is no question that many […]

Magi Graziano

5 Double-Edged Sword Philosophies that Lead to Destructive Company Culture

By Magi Graziano Most of us spend the majority of our time at the office or actively working inside or as part of a human work system.  Whether we are conscious to it or not, the corporate culture of an organization can make or break how we feel about the organization and our place in […]

Kate Zabriskie

One-on-One Meetings Matter More Than You Know

By Kate Zabriskie There are only two of us in my department. Why should I bother with a formal meeting? We sit right across from each other. I tried meeting individually with my direct reports, but they had nothing to talk about. Besides, we’re all adults. We know what we’re supposed to be doing at […]

Elizabeth McCormick

7 Habits to Take Your Workplace Culture to New HEIGHTS

By Elizabeth McCormick “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”—Vince Lombardi Your beliefs dictate your behavior and your behaviors create habits that determine your destination. You’re either going towards greatness or obscurity; there is no neutrality to your momentum. So, where are your habits taking you? Leading your organization towards a specific destination or […]

Sue Bingham

“Disciplining” Adults is Just Wrong

By Sue Bingham It’s a great irony that the discipline policy preferred by most companies is called “progressive”. Since the word progressive means “making favorable progress or change” nothing could be further from the truth. The progressive discipline policy is about punishment not improvement. This senseless and de-humanizing process was created to protect companies from […]

Jeffrey W. Foley

One-on-One Coaching: The Most Effective Way to Develop Your People

By Jeffrey W. Foley Effective one-on-one coaching is one of the most important skills a great leader must possess. Effective coaching inspires in others an internal drive to act ethically, without direction, to achieve goals. Effective coaching drives performance, builds competence and confidence, and ultimately enhances relationships. The best coaches help people find ways to […]