Liz Uram

Why Do I Have To Praise Someone Just For Doing Their Job?

And 4 Other Questions Leaders Have About Appreciation By Liz Uram Do you ever feel like there is way too much appreciation going on in your workplace? If you said no, you’re not alone. Your team would probably say the same thing.  A Gallup survey revealed that 65 percent of employees haven’t received recognition in […]

Will Caarson

Four Reasons to Install a SMART Ventilation System

By Will Carson In the ever-changing twenty-first century, SMART-equipped devices are turning up in more and more areas of our lives. Since SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) devices can quickly analyze and detect problems, it should come as no big surprise that SMART-equipped Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are revolutionizing the HVAC […]

Hassan Tetteh

Six ‘Super Forces’ That Impact The Health of Your Workforce and Business Action Steps for Leaders to Help Their Team

By Hassan Tetteh, MD Each new year provides an opportunity to raise awareness for both men and women about health, wellness, disease prevention, and highlight six super forces that will dramatically impact the health of your workforce and your business. Some risk factors for developing disease, in your workforce, such as age and heredity, cannot […]

Angela DeFinis

SOS for Working Moms: 5 Tips to Minimize Zoom Disasters

By Angela DeFinis As more and more mothers are working from home and engaging in online presentations and virtual meetings daily (all while dealing with kids and pets underfoot), it’s clear that the current set up is designed to fail. Unfortunately, there are few rules of engagement to apply when your kitchen table is suddenly […]


Viruses, Molds and Bacteria Oh My!

Four Ways to Combat Pathogens in Your HVAC System By Jonathan Carson “Jake” owns and runs a small commercial shop. He has been coughing a lot and is growing concerned as his employees have been calling in sick with sinus problems and “bronchitis”. He calls his friend “Rick”, who operates a different business but in […]

Kate Zabriskie

Managing in the New Normal: Tactics for Better Telework and Remote-Employee Engagement

By Kate Zabriskie It was one thing to see her entire family during meetings when everyone first went into lockdown, but we’re months into this. Shouldn’t she have come up with some kind of work-at-home plan by now? I did. The situation is maddening! Her kids, dog, and husband to not mix well with work. […]

Mona Kelley

Balancing Clean Air & Reopening amid New COVID-19 Indoor Air Guidelines

By Mona Kelley In the aftermath of sweeping stay-at-home orders and a three-month shutdown of many businesses, life in a post-COVID world is going through a “new normal”—a different way of doing things than were done in the past. With a wide range of challenges facing commercial building owners as a result of the coronavirus, […]

Luz Uram

7 Signs Your Team Isn’t Ready for Change

By Liz Uram It was a typical Monday morning staff meeting. The team gathered in the conference room to hear the usual reminders from the manager about the importance of following procedures. The team listened politely but responded with silence when the manager asked if they had any questions. The following week the whole scene […]

Kate Zabriskie

Connecting Through the Camera and Keyboard

10 Success Strategies for Managing Meetings in the Virtual World By Kate Zabriskie  As the world finds itself rapidly adopting virtual meetings, many people struggle while attempting to translate the in-person experience to an online format. Luckily, there are some tried and true actions neophytes can take to have their online gatherings running like clockwork. […]

Jill Johnson

9 Tips to Make Working Remotely Work for You and Your Employer

By Jill J. Johnson  The concept of remote working has been around for a long time. Many entrepreneurs have mastered the ability to work virtually, but it is often a major challenge for those who normally work in a busy office setting to shift to working outside their traditional office environment. Working remotely can feel […]