Marty Martin

How to Manage Distracted Employees

By Dr. Marty Martin As all managers know, workday distractions are everywhere, stealing your employees’ precious time and productivity. Between new technologies that beg for people’s attention to the prevalence of shortened attention spans, everyone on your team has the opportunity to be more distracted today than in the past. Of course, being distracted at […]

Tron Jordheim

There Is No Good Way to Manage People, But We Have To Try Anyway

By Tron Jordheim “People are people” the old saying goes. That means everyone brings their own personal baggage with them to work. People make poor choices, act rashly and defend their own comfort zones. People have agendas all their own that often have nothing to do with the work agenda that you, as the manager, […]

Marty Martin

To Drive Performance, Manage the Whole Employee

By Dr. Marty Martin The term “human resources management” is essential in business. But have you noticed that the majority of the literature about the topic focuses on the “resources” and the “management” aspects but barely addresses the “human” element? As a result, most managers see their employees as resources to be managed, and not […]

Lance Cooper

Seven Ways to Keep Young Sales Reps from Crashing and Burning

By Lance Cooper Millennials enter the nation’s sales teams as the most parented generation in history. Yet, they do not have the goals or plans to achieve compelling ambitions. Today, 20 million young men delay maturing until their late 20s and are without solid commitments and responsibilities guiding their lives. This leads to “helicopter parented” […]

Penny Lauer

The Impact of Domestic Violence at Your Workplace & How You Can Help

By Penny Lauer Don’t assume that the co-worker or employee who is frequently late, absent, emotional with co-workers, tired, depressed or frequently calling in ill – and is frustrating you to no end- is lazy, lying or uninterested in his or her job or company. Chances are that there is another very deep-rooted reason for […]

Kevin E. O’Connor

Your Team-Building Exercises May Not Be Creating a Team

By Kevin E. O’Connor Team leaders have a perennial dilemma: how can we educate, engage and develop our group in a substantial way that helps the team become better? “Team-building” is often seen as the fun add-on to a meeting devoted to science, sales figures and quarterly goals. These can include a ropes course, golf […]

Lucien Canton

Three Keys to Successful Crisis Management

By Lucien Canton When the first hijacked plane slammed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 AM on September 11, 2001, Robert Scott, president and chief operating officer of Morgan Stanley-Dean Whittier, was at 3 World Trade Center addressing 400 members of the National Association of Business Economists. Scott evacuated the […]

Peter DeHaan

Counting Chickens: Lessons in Managing Employees

By Peter Lyle DeHaan , PhD In my office is an evocative black and white aerial photo of my grandfather’s chicken farm, circa 1960. Grandpa and Dad ran the farm, along with a revolving assortment of hired help. The farm consisted of five barns, in two interconnected groups. Together they accommodated 15,000 hens. Four buildings […]

Steve Richerson

Steps to Sustainability from Upper Management to the Bottom Line

By Steve Richerson Big companies like GE, IBM, Wal-Mart, and many smaller companies like Tenant, Centiva, and Stonyfield Yogurt have recently locked their GPS coordinates on to a really intriguing destination — market profitability through ecological sustainability. These companies have set their company GPS on a target that’s not just a sustainable destination for the […]

Nathan Jamail

Micromanaging vs. Coaching: Micromanaging is a Tactic, Not a Style

By Nathan Jamail One of the greatest misunderstandings in leadership and coaching is the term “micromanaging”. Most leaders never want to be thought of as a micro manager. In fact, it could be considered an insult or weakness of any manager. When micromanaging is used as a coaching or leadership style it will most likely […]