Angela DeFinis

How to Use Humor to Conquer Zoom Fatigue

By Angela DeFinis Working remotely is no longer something reserved for freelancers or those on special assignments. Many major companies have said they plan to accommodate remote work indefinitely. In fact, following the pandemic, more than half of Americans say they want to continue working remotely, while two-thirds of companies say they may make their […]

Henry DeVries

Increase Sales with the Simple Six-Step Heroic Storytelling Formula

By Henry DeVries A tough challenge for many in business is convincing enough prospects to hire them. To become more persuasive, it pays to know how humans are hardwired for stories. If you want the prospect to think it over, give them lots of facts and figures. If you want them to decide to hire […]

Patricia Fripp

Get the Most Out of Your Speaker Investment

6 Ideas to Make Your Meetings Memorable By Patricia Fripp In a perfect world, you would have an unlimited budget to hire top keynote speakers for all your meetings and conventions. Since it’s not, here are some proven suggestions that have been successfully incorporated by many companies and associations. Adopt them into your meeting planning […]

Mark Vickers

3 Presentation Mistakes That Kill Your Message and Bore Your Audience

By Mark Vickers “Yea, me too, I caught a bit of a nap during the All Employee meeting… another hour wasted.” Sandra, the CEO of a successful company was shocked when she heard this over a cube wall just minutes after finishing a series of all employee meetings. Her talks had generated applause and positive […]

Ruth W. Crocker

Public Speaking in Business: Fear and Fact

By Ruth W. Crocker Larry’s boss was so pleased with his work performance that he asked Larry to give a fifteen-minute presentation to the entire department of twenty-five people. Larry felt confident about his work, but not about standing up and talking about it. In fact, it was the last thing he wanted to do. […]

Scott Topper

Boost Your Brand Behind the Microphone: Five Public Speaking Fundamentals for Business Owners

By Scott Topper As he approached the podium, Taylor could feel his face begin to redden and the perspiration building on his palms. He mentally recited his opening line with each step to center-stage, hoping above all else that he did not stumble over his words, or worse, draw a complete blank. His business was […]

Pam Lontos

Talk Up Your Business: How to Get More Customers via Public Speaking

By Pam Lontos All business owners want more customers. The question is, how do you attract them? Advertising can be expensive, and traditional marketing techniques may take a long time to show results. Fortunately, there is another option. Did you know that as a business owner or professional in your field, you are also an […]

Walt Grassl

Improve Your Speaking Skills: Maximizing the Speaking Club Experience

By Walt Grassl Bob, a junior executive, wants to be better positioned for promotion. He and his peers present status updates regularly to management. While better organized and more knowledgeable about his assignments than his peers, his fear of speaking makes him nervous and unable to recall facts and data he knows cold when talking […]

Walt Grassl

Unlocking the Leader Within: Conquering Stage Fright

By Walt Grassl Next week Bob, a junior executive, has to present his team’s status to senior management. Whenever he even thinks about his presentation, his hands start shaking, his forehead starts sweating and his stomach starts dancing the jitterbug. He’s already had several sleepless nights, dreading the presentation. In desperation, he turns to his […]

Dave Reed Joe Heaps

An Expert Who Speaks or an Expert Speaker – Which is Best for Your Next Event?

By Joe Heaps & Dave Reed When you need to bring in a speaker for your company or association event, you have two choices on the kind of presenter to hire: An expert who speaks or an expert speaker. While those two terms may seem similar, there’s actually a big difference. An expert who speaks […]