Jason V. Barger

Does Your Corporate Culture Get All A’s?

The proactive process to shape the team culture you want By Jason V. Barger It’s an instant gratification world where people or employees or leaders want things to change immediately. They want progress to be a flip of a switch. They want the easy button. Every leader, team and organization wants to snap their fingers […]

Maria Church

Five Steps to Deal with Leadership Uncertainty

By Dr. Maria Church, CSP, CPC Leaders are often expected to have all the answers. Not only is this an expectation shared by many, it is regularly self-imposed. If you do not have the answer to a leadership challenge, you may possibly feel inadequate or uncertain and vulnerable. None of these emotions feels good, and […]

Angela DeFinis

SOS for Working Moms: 5 Tips to Minimize Zoom Disasters

By Angela DeFinis As more and more mothers are working from home and engaging in online presentations and virtual meetings daily (all while dealing with kids and pets underfoot), it’s clear that the current set up is designed to fail. Unfortunately, there are few rules of engagement to apply when your kitchen table is suddenly […]

Liz Uram

5 Powerful Phrases for Difficult Discussions

By Liz Uram Do you ever come up with your best responses an hour after a conversation has ended? Do you ever say to yourself “I wish I would have said…” or “I wish I wouldn’t have said…”? Do you ever get tongue-tied when you are put on the spot? If you can relate to […]

Shelley Armato

Be an Industry Disruptor: 5 Keys to Making Positive Change

By Shelley Armato Everyone has the potential to be an industry leader. These leaders are the ones who transform the world—who disrupt their industry and launch massive and positive change. The challenge is that too many people are comfortable and complacent with where they are. They’ve settled into the pattern of reacting to disruptions rather […]

Julie Miller

Four Tips to Re-Build Trust Through Writing

By Dr. Julie Miller “I wish I could rewind the clock and do it differently.” Bob, CEO of a mid-size organization lamented to his former colleague, Rick.  A week earlier he had sent out an internal memo warning that things were about to change. Their entire industry would soon be affected due to emerging government […]

Jill Johnson

9 Tips to Make Working Remotely Work for You and Your Employer

By Jill J. Johnson  The concept of remote working has been around for a long time. Many entrepreneurs have mastered the ability to work virtually, but it is often a major challenge for those who normally work in a busy office setting to shift to working outside their traditional office environment. Working remotely can feel […]

Peter DeHaan

It’s Your Move: Life Lessons From the Game of Chess

By Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD My cousins taught me how to play chess when I was in third grade. My parents, doubting I could grasp the complexities of the game, urged caution and tried to lower my expectations. Yet I forged ahead. My oldest cousin patiently taught me the names of the pieces and how […]

Marcia Reynolds

Eye Rolling: Five Ways to Keep the Conversation Rolling

By Marcia Reynolds, PsyD “I can handle when they talk back to me,” the HR Director said, “but when they roll their eyes, it just gets under my skin.” “I know,” said the Training Manager. “I have an intern who does amazing work, but when I try to give him some direction, the eye roll […]

Jeremy Eskenazi

How to Simplify and Maximize Your Video Interviews

By Jeremy Eskenazi Interview practices have come a long way over the last few years. With it has come to some huge benefits like video interviews! It has saved candidates hours in anxious commuting time as one standout benefit. The flip side is that video interviews that are not well set up can create even […]