Michele Wierzgac

Strategies for Remaining Indispensable at Work: Proving Your Value

By Michele Wierzgac, MSEd The economy is booming—great! But wait—organizations continue to focus on cutting labor costs. Why? Labor costs comprise 80 percent or more of an organization’s operating costs. This fact clearly creates another problem among the workforce—protecting your job. How then can you remain indispensable at work? By bringing attention to the value of what you do. How do […]

Peter DeHaan

The Pursuit of Perfection

Do you want a staff of perfectionists? By Peter Lyle DeHaan , PhD Some managers say “yes,” whereas others respond with a resounding “no.” The informed answer is, “it all depends.” Here’s why: Of that portion of the populace who are perfectionists, some are blindly or proudly so. Others are self-aware of possessing this characteristic […]

Tra Williams

Four Reasons Every Professional Should Have a Strategic Plan for Personal Development

By Tra Williams If you are serious about growing your business, everyone on your team needs a strategic plan for their own development that is separate from and exceeds the company’s current needs. Here’s why Every year millions of business leaders spend days if not weeks collaborating with their peers to develop a strategic plan […]

Jennifer Powers

Harness Your Professional Power: Be a Victor not a Victim

By Jennifer Powers Have you ever found yourself making statements like these…? “I’m miserable at work because my boss is a jerk.” “I’d work harder if they paid me more.” “I’d get more work done if my co-workers weren’t always interrupting me.” ”I would get more sales if I had better leads.” “If the economy […]

David Chinsky

The Gift of Feedback

7 Steps to Move from Confrontation to Conversation By Dr. David Chinsky Feedback is a gift that anchors your relationships in honesty. Everyone depends upon the feedback they receive to appreciate and reinforce their areas of strength, and to identify areas for personal and professional growth and development. While there is no question that many […]

Peter DeHaan

Are You Really Too Busy? Seven Steps to Reclaim Your Life

By Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD Perhaps you’ve heard this story. Imagine you’re sitting in a college class. It’s one of those big classrooms, with tiered seating, able to accommodate hundreds of students. The class is assembled in expectation; what will the prof do today? At exactly 8 o’clock, he strides in and without acknowledging the […]

Josh Luke

The 3 P’s to Becoming an Engaged Healthcare Consumer

By Dr. Josh Luke Has your business or startup made a major purchase only to find out later you over-spent significantly? How often are you making this same mistake with healthcare? Moreover, it’s likely that your employees are making this mistake every day, yet they may not even know they have an option. Unless you […]

Baldwin Tom

Harness the Power of Spiritual Investments in Your Business

By Baldwin Tom There are seven types of investments available to every organization, and each has its use in growing a business. Organizations grow or die with investments. Used poorly or ignored, investments can destroy a business. Of all the investments, spiritual capital is special. Spiritual capital is the single investment that catalyzes all of […]

Sue Bingham

“Disciplining” Adults is Just Wrong

By Sue Bingham It’s a great irony that the discipline policy preferred by most companies is called “progressive”. Since the word progressive means “making favorable progress or change” nothing could be further from the truth. The progressive discipline policy is about punishment not improvement. This senseless and de-humanizing process was created to protect companies from […]

Jeffrey W. Foley

One-on-One Coaching: The Most Effective Way to Develop Your People

By Jeffrey W. Foley Effective one-on-one coaching is one of the most important skills a great leader must possess. Effective coaching inspires in others an internal drive to act ethically, without direction, to achieve goals. Effective coaching drives performance, builds competence and confidence, and ultimately enhances relationships. The best coaches help people find ways to […]