Bob Whipple

I’m OK – You’re Not OK

By Bob Whipple When people vent about problem individuals at work or at home, one fact becomes obvious.  Most individuals have a long list of things that other people must do to improve but a short list of things they need to change in their own behavior. It is human nature to rationalize one’s own […]

Pat Heydlauff

2012 Rules of Engagement

By Pat Heydlauff Many people have a tendency to attract exactly what they don’t want in life but often what they need most in order to learn necessary lessons which, if acted upon will lead to self-empowerment, self-improvement and a balanced prosperous life. This is the “law of attraction” put forth in the popular book […]

Glenn Gutek

Prepare Yourself for the Challenge of Change

By Glenn Gutek Leaders are change agents.  It is impossible to lead people into an unknown future without knowing how to successfully introduce change.  It has been said that the one constant in life is change, but why must it be so often, so soon? There are some personalities that avoid change the way an […]

Susan Kruger

Study Skills Resolve Half of Caseloads, According to School Psychologists

By Susan Kruger Our first home as young newlyweds was a small bungalow built in 1942.  We purchased the house in the month of August, many months before we discovered the drafty windows.  As the Michigan winter rushed in, it literally rushed right through our house.  Day after day.  Month after month.  Winter after winter. […]

Amy Showalter

The Curse of the Passionista: How to Make Your Passion Work For, Not Against You

By Amy Showalter One of the most old-fashioned and overrated pieces of advice for any influencer is to “be passionate” about your cause. Some consider it the answer to all influence challenges, as if passion is 90% of successful persuasion.  If that were true, everyone would get what they want by showing some passion. But […]

Eileen McDargh

Today’s Economy Demands A Critical Skill: Optimism

By Eileen McDargh Global warming. Water shortages. Terrorism. Failing health care system. Wars around the globe. Gas prices. Severe economic downturn. Look at the headlines and it’s enough to make you stay in bed. But wait! There is hope. It’s not the cock-eyed optimism sung about in South Pacific, the hottest show on Broadway. Rather […]