Julie Miller

Four Tips to Re-Build Trust Through Writing

By Dr. Julie Miller “I wish I could rewind the clock and do it differently.” Bob, CEO of a mid-size organization lamented to his former colleague, Rick.  A week earlier he had sent out an internal memo warning that things were about to change. Their entire industry would soon be affected due to emerging government […]

Henry DeVries

Increase Sales with the Simple Six-Step Heroic Storytelling Formula

By Henry DeVries A tough challenge for many in business is convincing enough prospects to hire them. To become more persuasive, it pays to know how humans are hardwired for stories. If you want the prospect to think it over, give them lots of facts and figures. If you want them to decide to hire […]

Cathy Fyock

Once is Not Enough

Repurposing Writing to Grow Your Business and Career By Cathy Fyock Jeff is a busy executive who has always wanted to become a published author. He’s seen his colleagues’ work published and envied their newfound recognition as authors and thought leaders. Jeff knows that having a book can be a way to stand out from […]

Peter DeHaan

The Write Stuff: Tips For Successful Publishing

By Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD Consider this: “ABC Company, a strategic provider of advanced business technology applications to facilitate organizational utilization of gamechanging convergent networks, announced today the release of its unprecedented Widgetiser solution, which is guaranteed to revolutionize existing technological infrastructures overnight.” This is a fictitious example of an all too common press release. […]

Athenee Mastrangelo

The Power of a Template

By Athenée Mastrangelo Does it feel like you’re always busy typing up letters and emails?  Does it sometimes feel like you’re sending out the same emails?  If you answered yes, what do you do?  Do you retype the entire email over and over again, or do you go back in your Sent folder and look […]

Dawn Josephson

The Top Three Business Writing Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now

By Dawn Josephson Most businesspeople have great ideas, but when it comes to putting those ideas on paper, they ramble on for pages and end up looking less than professional. But in today’s communication age, with email trumping the phone and deals being done via text and social media, writing skills are of paramount importance. […]

Keith Ogorek

Your Book as Your Business Card

Indie Book Publishing Provides Professionals the Edge By Keith Ogorek What is 6” by 9,” usually weighs roughly one pound, and is giving an increasing number of business leaders an advantage over the competition? A book. Thanks in large part to the explosion of Indie book publishing, the use of ‘the book as a business […]